BOOKS (paperback)

East Meets West

So Long & Thanks for all the Fish


dark chocolate (honey mama’s)

popcorn (Chicago)

granola bars/granola

Justin’s peanut butter cups

homemade brownies


donuts with sprinkles



Barnes and Noble

Trader Joe’s

Whole Foods

Pressed Juicery


Michigan candle!

Lavender happiness planner

Car reindeer antlers

Cat mane

Cat pizza suit

Flamingo socks

Penguin backpack

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

Flamingo phone case (color: Pink-5F-TPU)

Fujifilm Instax Mini Film – holiday border

Holographic backpack

The Little Prince passport cover

The Lion King undies

Avocado cooking spray oil

Tetris light (US Plug)

Photo string lights

Selfie light

MAC Diva lipstick

AHFOD Phone Case

Holiday lights iPhone charger

The dark pink (with orange) unicorn helmet

Sushi bazooka

Soft/fluffy blankets

Fuzzy socks

G2 Pilot pens (0.7, 10)

USA flag luggage tag

I like The Lion King, Super Mario and his bros + hoes (Blue Toad is my favorite!), Kirby (especially Plasma Kirby!), BTS, Toothless, flamingos, bubbles, Coldplay, purple, TFBOYS, The Little Prince, Tigger, 喜羊羊 and squad, Mew, BTS, good photos, the Baby & Toddler section at Target, fuzzy socks, Doraemon, balloons, cats, Bloons TD 5, Zootopia, Umbreon, sweet potatoes, Baymax, purple tulips, candles, BTS, lavender-scented things, matcha, J-Hope, money, BTS, very dark chocolate, Christmas, 蛋饼, Spanish puns, 华晨宇, Gudetama, millennial pink, wisteria, ice cream, and the Oxford comma. And BTS.