Hi, I’m Michelle Lin 林靖. I live in sunny Southern California and I’m originally from the suburbs of Detroit.

I LOVE The Lion King, matcha, Coldplay, rain, the spiderman dances to anything gif, Doraemon, my younger brother, and pushing the bounds of my comfort zone.

Starting this year, I will be pursuing international business at UC Berkeley as a part of the class of 2022. I’m beyond hyped!

A few items I always have on me are a lint roller (I’ve got two white cats that shed just as much as I love them), portable phone chargers (in true millennial fashion), and my Canon 5D camera (along with piles of SD cards!). In my free time I like to add to my bucket list, read Chinese singer 薛之谦’s lyrics, and take walks to photograph flowers.

I’m a proud American-born Chinese and, atypically, I am fluent in Chinese (reading and writing included, both simplified and traditional) due to my abounding love for studying languages. I am fluent in Spanish as well and have been learning Korean as a loyal BTS ARMY.

I am most passionate about Chinese dance, an art I have pursued for 13+ years and have even proudly brought to my high school as a choreographer on the dance team. I am also trained in other dance styles like ballet, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and more.

INSTAGRAM: @michellinman