Spontaneous Adventure: The Call

After five hours of math class (three hours of SAT II and two hours of AP Calculus) I was ready to flop onto my bed and sleep for as long as possible. However, as soon as I ended class at 6 p.m., I received a WeChat message from my aunt. It was a a link to a report on the beautiful wildflowers in Carrizo Plain, about three hours away from us. She asked me to call her regarding it, and so I did. My aunt asked me if I wanted to go see the flowers and of course I did, so she told me to come over to her house right now, and we would be staying the night in a hotel in Bakersfield so we could go see them the next day. I was very surprised by her sudden plan, but since I also like to embark on spontaneous adventures, I enthusiastically agreed. I cancelled my Sunday morning teaching assistant class, and was ready to go within half an hour.


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