Lollicup Fresh

After we went hiking to see the 菜籽花 at Chino Hills State Park, we went to eat in Rowland Heights with 姑姑 and 姑父. Before we went, we stopped by Lollicup Fresh to order some drinks. I think Lollicup Fresh and Lollicup are slightly different, since they have a somewhat different drink selection, but I have yet to do my research on that. Eric ordered a cookies and cream slushie, which I thought was odd to order at Lollicup. Imagine adding boba to a cookies and cream drink!? Anyway, I saw an ad for their new Strawberry Blossom drink that had matcha drizzle, and I instantly fell in love. I don’t often order strawberry flavored desserts nor many drinks in general, but I was drawn to the photogenic pink hue and deep green matcha drizzle. I ordered it and added boba, while 爸爸 and 妈妈 warned me not to drink too much, as usual. We waited a long time for it, and when it was finally ready, it was indeed photogenic. Eric’s drink was also surprisingly yummy. As usual, I only drank a few sips, but those few sips were great.


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