Minimum Day, Minimum Effort, Maximum Adventure: Roses

Afterwards we made our way to Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, and surprisingly there was no line! Cauldron had been on my list of food places for a long time, because of the aesthetic rose-shaped scoops and overall style of decor in the shop, so I was elated when we decided to go.

I ordered the Earl Grey Lavender ice cream in a Puffle cone. It was more on the expensive side, but it was so worth it. The ice cream was a beautiful lavender color and the aesthetics of the rose lived up to the countless Instagram posts I had seen. I honestly didn’t really even want to eat the Puffle cone and I wouldn’t have ordered it, but it was worth it because it created a perfect nestling spot for the delicate rose. There was also a honey drizzle over the rose, giving intricacy and tying the whole dessert together into a marvelous masterpiece. When I finally finished taking pictures of the beauty, I tried it. I had never had Earl Grey ice cream before, but I think it is one of my favorites now. The taste was so refreshing and the honey created an amazing texture contrast. The shape of the rose allowed the honey drizzle to fall between the ice cream layers, changing up the texture even more. I usually don’t order foods twice since I like to try new dishes and experience new flavors, but this Earl Grey Lavender ice cream is one food that I am looking forward to eating again.


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